CRT Indirect Purchaser Class Action Settlements


Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are the lawsuits about?

2. Am I a reseller?

3. Am I an end user?

4. Can I be both a reseller and an end user?

5. Who is an Indirect Purchaser?

6. What is a Cathode Ray Tube ("CRT")?

7. What is a CRT Product?

8. What devices contain CRT?

9. What is a class action?

10. Who are the Defendants and Co-conspirators?

11. What do the Settlements provide?

12. Do I need to supply documentation or proof of what I purchased?

13. What if I don't have any documentation?

14. When will I get benefits?

15. How do I object to the allocation of the net settlement fund?

16. Do I have a lawyer representing me?

17. Where can I get more information?

18. Are laptops covered by the Settlements?

19. Do I need to use a claims filing service or claims submission company to help submit my claim?

20. Can I file a late claim? Has the claim submission deadline been extended?