CRT Indirect Purchaser Class Action Settlements



  • The deadline to submit claims has passed. We will no longer be processing late claims in connection with the CRT Indirect Purchaser Antitrust Litigation.
  • The judgment of the U.S. District Court granting final approval to the CRT indirect purchaser class action settlements has been appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. No settlement funds have been distributed to claimants at this time. No date has been set for distribution.

About the Lawsuit


On March 22, 2012, the Court granted final approval for a $10 million cash settlement with Defendant Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd., and entered a Final Judgment against Chunghwa.

There are two types of indirect purchasers: “resellers” and “end users.” Resellers indirectly purchased CRT Products for the purpose of reselling them to someone else. End users indirectly purchased CRT Products for their own use and not for resale. Consumer members of the Chunghwa Settlement Class have already filed claims against the Chunghwa Settlement Fund. Now resellers may also file claims.

You can make a claim for money if you are an electronics store, retailer, wholesaler or other reseller that indirectly purchased CRT Products in Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia or Wisconsin (collectively, the “states”) for resale (the “Statewide Damages Classes”). The purchase must have been made in one of these 22 states. But you do not have to be a resident of one of these states.

Plan of Distribution

As part of the settlement approval in March 2012, the Court approved a partial plan of distribution of the Settlement Funds. Pursuant to this plan, the Net Settlement Fund will first be allocated among the 22 eligible states plus Illinois and Oregon, so that each state receives its pro rata share. Each state’s pro rata share shall be determined by computing its population as a percentage of the total population of all 24 states using census figures from the year 2000. The Attorneys General of Illinois and Oregon will be allocated 8.59% and 2.37% of the Net Settlement Fund, respectively. These Attorneys General will distribute these monies to residents of Illinois and Oregon. This leaves the remainder for distribution to claimants in the other 22 states.

Each of the 22 states’ pro rata share will be divided 50-50 between resellers and consumers, and then distributed to reseller and consumer claimants on a pro rata basis. This means that payment amounts will be based on the number of valid claims filed, as well as on the number and type of CRT Product(s) purchased: Standard CRT Television (screen size of less than 30 inches); Large CRT Television (screen size of 30 inches or larger); or CRT Computer Monitor. Based on data obtained during the course of the litigation, claims for different types of CRT Products will be weighted as follows:

  • Claims for purchases of Standard CRT Televisions will be weighted as 1
  • Claims for purchases of Large CRT Televisions will be weighted as 4.3
  • Claims for purchases of CRT Computer Monitors will be weighted as 3

At this time, it is unknown how much money each claimant will recover. The maximum payment will be three times the estimated overcharge for each claimant. In the event that reseller claimants do not exhaust a particular state’s reseller fund, the residue will be distributed pro rata to existing end-user claimants from that state.

Important Dates

September 30, 2016

Deadline for end users and resellers to object to the allocation of the net settlement fund between resellers and consumers. For more information on how to object or comment, click HERE.

November 16, 2016

The District Court issued its Order Granting Final Approval of the Plan of Distribution of the Chunghwa Settlement Fund. A copy of the Court's Order is available here. This Order has been appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

November 29, 2016

Deadline for resellers to file a claim online or by mail.

Do you qualify?

Resellers qualify for money from this settlement if they indirectly purchased, for the purposes of resale, a CRT or product containing a CRT, such as a TV or computer monitor, in the following states:

  • Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin or the District of Columbia between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007
  • Hawaii between June 25, 2002 and November 25, 2007
  • Nebraska between July 20, 2002 and November 25, 2007
  • Nevada between February 4, 1999 and November 25, 2007

To be eligible to make a claim, you must have purchased the CRT televisions, monitors or other CRT Products “indirectly”, meaning that you purchased the products from someone other than the defendant manufacturers or alleged co-conspirators. Purchases made directly from a defendant or alleged co-conspirator are not included. Persons or businesses who purchased directly from a defendant manufacturer or alleged co-conspirator should visit for additional information.

Purchases of Sony® branded televisions and monitors are NOT eligible to be included in the CRT indirect purchaser case. All other brands of CRT televisions and monitors are eligible.

Note: If you previously filed a claim for CRT Products that you purchased as an end user and not for resale, you are still eligible to file as a reseller if you purchased additional CRT Products for resale purposes.